Strap on your snowshoes and head into the stillness of the winter forest at the top of the Tram.  There are so many ways to enjoy the snow in the San Jacinto Mountains but snowshoeing is perhaps one of the most unusual, yet exhilarating, ways to enjoy the outdoors in an area where you can hear yourself think and enjoy the sounds of nature.  Snowshoes can be rented at our Adventure Center.  Visitors who are leaving the Long Valley area on showshoes must obtain a permit from the Long Valley Ranger Station.

Once you¹ve reached your destination at the top of the Tram you¹re ready for some family fun. What better way to celebrate being in the snow than to grab a handful and let it go.  Nobody loves a snowball throw more than small kids, unless it¹s their dads.  What a fun way to celebrate the winter season, with your family, some snow and spectacular views.


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For more information on hiking and camping in the State Park please call (951) 659-2607 or click here. For recorded trail conditions please call (760) 327-0222.