Camping California State Parks

Within the Mount San Jacinto State Park and Wilderness Area there are six primitive campgrounds. You must camp within the designated campgrounds. The closest to the Tram is picturesque Round Valley.

The State Park charges $5.00 per person for camping permits. There is no fee for hiking permits. For information on permits, please call (951) 659-2607. For trail conditions,
please call (760) 327-0222.

The State Park has issued an update for all open and closed trails.
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Description of Camping Areas

Area Distance from Tram Facilities
Round Valley
Elev. 9,100 ft.
2.1 miles 28 campsites and pit toilets. No water.
Tamarack Valley
Elev. 9,200 ft.
2.5 miles 13 campsites and pit toilets. No water.
Little Round Valley
Elev. 9,700 ft.
6.5 miles 6 campsites and pit toilet. No water.
Strawberry Junction
Elev 8,000 ft.
6.4 miles 3 campsites and pit toilet. No water.
Skunk Cabbage Zone
Elev. 8,800 ft.
4.5 miles Good camping, large meadow, no water at meadow & Willow Creek.
Lower Basin Zone
Elev. 6,600 ft.
6.0 miles Good camping, no water.


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  • Wilderness Permit is required for any backpacking or hiking in the Wilderness. Requests for advance permit may be made in person or in writing. No phone or fax requests can be accepted.

  • Campers must have a permit from the agency in whose area they are camping; day hikers may use a State or Federal Permit.

  • Camping is permitted only in designated campgrounds in the State Wilderness.

  • Cans, Bottles, Foil must be packed out. Never bury your refuse. Everything must be packed out.

  • No smoking is permitted on trails.

  • All plant and animal life are protected by State and Federal laws. Do not remove or disturb them.

  • No pets allowed in the State Park

  • Stay on trails.

  • Campers under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Please note: Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult of 21 years or older to ride the Tramway.


For more information on hiking and camping in the State Park please call (951) 659-2607 or click here. For recorded trail conditions please call (760) 327-0222.